Publication: Physical activity and sleep problems in 38 low and middle income countries

Research Impact: Physical activity (PA) has been associated with improved sleep, but the influence of meeting PA recommendations on sleep problems is unclear. This study examined the association between meeting WHO PA recommendations and sleep problems among 204,315 individuals from 38 low- and middle-income countries using data from the World Health Survey.  Prevalence of low PA and sleep problems were 29.9% and 7.5%, respectively. Following adjustment, not meeting PA recommendations was associated with 23% higher odds of sleep problems. This association was consistent across age groups.  Future studies are warranted to assess whether increasing PA to recommended levels may improve sleep problems.

Vancampfort D, Stubbs B, Smith L, Hallgren M, Firth J, Herring MP, Probst M, Koyanagi A (2018). Physical activity and sleep problems in 38 low- and middle-income countries. Sleep Medicine, 48:140-147. doi: 10.1016/j.sleep.2018.04.013. (IF: 3.395; Q2 Clinical Neurology; R=64/197)

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