Publication: Dance exposure, wellbeing & injury in collegiate Irish & contemporary dancers: A prospective study

Research Impact: Collegiate contemporary and student Irish dancers experience substantial rates of pain and injury, but non-physical risk factors have been under-investigated in these cohorts. We gathered weekly data from 57 participants from the United Kingdom and Ireland over the course of one year. Parameters investigated included dance exposure, sleep quality, general health, cross-training and injury. We discovered an erratic calendar of dance exposure marked by sporadic peaks and dips in activity. Participants frequently continued to dance when injured. Poor sleep, general health, and increased dance exposure were associated with injury.

Cahalan R, Kearney P, Ni Bhriain O, Redding R, Quin E, McLaughlin LC, O’Sullivan K. Dance exposure, wellbeing and injury in collegiate Irish and contemporary dancers: A prospective study. Physical Therapy in Sport (34) 77-83.

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