Publication: Improvement in game performance & adherence after an aligned TGfU floorball unit in P.E.

Research Impact: This study provides additional support for progressing from comparative studies in educational settings to enacting an aligned TGfU unit of floorball contextualized in the principles of play. Based on participants’ key comments, four aspects appeared to be essential for the success of the unit: (a) the lesson design; (b) collaboration from planning to teaching the unit between the researcher and the teacher; (c) the inclusion of learning tasks linked with cover and support; and (d) the use of two reflective periods that helped pupils to understand and apply new knowledge. This proposal could help teachers to learn how to implement TGfU and decide to use it in their classes.

Morales-Belando, M. T., Calderón, A., & Arias-Estero, J. L. (2018). Improvement in game performance and adherence after an aligned TGfU floorball unit in physical education. Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy. (Q1 16/239, IF= 2.928)


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