Book Chapter Publication: “Meaningful Inclusion of Students with Special Needs”

Research Impact Summary:  From an international perspective, as presented in this newest edition, Sport Education (SE) offers the structure for more inclusive student experiences in physical education. Ensuring that students with special needs are truly part of the sport experience is often a struggle for physical educators, especially if there are no support personnel available (e.g., paraprofessionals or special needs assistants). This chapter looks to help teachers in easing these potential situations. From an Irish physical education perspective, SE serves as one of six curricular models through which the recently introduced Senior Cycle Physical Education Framework may be offered. With these new changes, opportunities to provide more inclusive physical education are possible through this specifically designed chapter.

Tindall D., 2019. “Meaningful Inclusion of Students with Special Needs” pp 171-186.  In: Siedentop, D.L., Hastie, P. and Van der Mars, H., 2019. Complete guide to sport education. Third Edition. Human Kinetics.

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