Book Chapter: Sport education pedagogical model

Research Impact:  This book chapter is only one piece of an excellent book, where some of the most renowned Spanish physical education teachers educators and physical education teachers, have put together a cutting edge publication related to pedagogical models in physical education. The chapter might be the most current and up to date reference for physical education practitioners willing to start planning and enacting pedagogies based on sport education curriculum and instructional model. It contains reflections, teaching resources, instructional models and assessment procedures, ready to be considered, discussed, adapted and finally enacted by (Spanish speaking) physical education teachers all over the world.

Garcia-López L. M., & Calderón, A. (2021). [Sport education pedagogical model] In: A. Pérez-Pueyo et al. (eds.) [Pedagogical models in physical education: What, how, what for and why]. León: Universidad de León.

Language: Spanish
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