Publication: Development and Initial Validation of the Sport Education Scale

Research Impact:  The availability of a robust psychometric measure of students’ perceptions of core features of Sport Education will allow sport pedagogy scholars and practitioners to explore students’ experiences with Sport Education. New findings might provide teachers with useful information and valuable feedback for the model to evolve and to adapt it to their local context. Indeed, the use of this scale, could complement the existing knowledge base in the field, which previously heavily relied on qualitative data sources (e.g., interviews, diaries, etc.) and therefore, broaden the scope of methodological approaches for future research that could potentially strengthen the body of knowledge related to Sport Education as a pedagogical model in physical education.

Burgueño, R., Calderón, A., Sinelnikov, O., & Medina-Casaubón, J. (2021). Development and Initial Validation of the Sport Education Scale. Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science.

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