Publication: Enhancing sport education experiences through service-learning

Research Impact: This study explores the extent to which service-learning (SL) can enhance the educational potential of sport education (SE), with a view to contributing to a positive transition for students from primary to secondary school. The data were obtained through focus groups with students and primary school teachers and interviews with secondary school teachers during and after the programme implementation. The results were analysed through the lens of situated learning. The integration of SE and SL has led both to legitimate peripheral participation and real participation in the community of practice, through the connection established by SE roles. SL reconfigures SE, allowing purposes that might be of significant educational relevance to be addressed, such as a positive transition from primary to secondary school. The secondary school students who acted as SL

García López, L.M., Gutiérrez, D., González-Martí, I., Segovia, Y. and MacPhail, A., 2022. Enhancing sport education experiences through service-learning. European Physical Education Review,   DOI:10.1177/1356336X221132770 

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