Physical Education Teachers Promote Meaningful Engagement with Physical Education

Research Impact: The development of pedagogical innovations in support pre-service teachers learning to teach is a key focus of scholarship internationally.  This work provides a set of principles for the development of a specific approach to helping teachers learn to teach Physical Education.  This approach to learning to teach in physical education (PETE) has applied by teacher educators internationally.  The impact of the work has informed the practices of educators involved in the preparation of teachers of Physical Education and sport coaches.  The next step will demonstrate the impact on your peoples learning in Physical Education and in coaching setting based the teaching and coaching preservice teachers and coaches.

Pedagogical principles of learning to teach meaningful physical education

Déirdre Ní Chróinín, Tim Fletcher, and Mary O’Sullivan

Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

Mary O’Sullivan is a Professor in Physical Education and Youth Sport here at the University of Limerick. View her profile here!

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