Publication: Primary School Student and Teacher Perceptions of Competency-Based Learning

Research Impact: Two hypothetical models for predicting competency-based learning were designed according to the perceptions of 8.513 primary school students and 1010 teachers from 110 spanish schools. The study allows to advance recommendations that could help to guide and facilitate competency-based pedagogies for primary school students. Firstly, innovative pedagogical models should be tried out which enable students to develop autonomy, as well as digital and social competence, as predictor variables of perceived learning. Secondly, it is vital that pre-service teachers be educated in the enactment of those pedagogical models that foster the competences that have been shown to be predictors of learning.

Meroño, L., Calderón, A., Arias-Estero, J. L., & Méndez Giménez, A. (2018): Primary school student and teacher perceptions of competency-based learning. Cultura y Educación, DOI: 10.1080/11356405.2018.1436796

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