Publication: Acute exercise effects among young adults with analogue generalized anxiety disorder

Research Impact: The study reported here replicated initial findings of positive effects of acute aerobic exercise on state anxiety, worry, and feelings of energy and fatigue among 16 young adult women with analogue GAD, examined responses among 19 young adult men with analogue GAD, and explored sex-related differences to two 30-min counterbalanced conditions: treadmill running at ~71.2%±0.4% heart rate reserve and seated quiet rest.  Exercise significantly improved state anxiety (d=0.27) and feelings of energy (d=1.09), and resulted in small non-significant reductions in worry.  Improvements were stronger among females, including a non-significant, but potentially clinically meaningful, moderate reduction in worry (d=0.53).

Herring MP, Monroe DC, Gordon BR, Hallgren M, Campbell MJ (2019). Acute exercise effects among young adults with analogue generalized anxiety disorder. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. DOI: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000001860. PMID: 30531490. (IF: 4.291; Q1 Sport Sciences; R=7/81)*

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